We at Yara are part of a global network, collaborating to profitably solve some of the world's key challenges - resource scarcity, food insecurity and environmental change.

Customer Experience Senior Specialist

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Leader in plant nutrition, Yara seeks to contribute toward food production for the world's growing population, one of the main challenges currently facing the planet. Through its fertilizers and nutrition programs, the company has an impact on society, by enabling higher return and quality of crops around the world. Yara also offers industrial products and solutions which reduce emissions, improve air quality and provide support to safe and efficient operations

The goal of the Marketing and Products department is to provide support to the company's strategic objectives through knowledge and development of solutions, products, technology and services, adding value to the business of our customers, the Yara brand and the company.


  • Responsible for routinely structuring the core of Voice of the Customer: proposal and feasibility of quanti and quali research, structuring of other listenings besides researches (example: analysis of customer complaints), organize this information and generate insights for the organization;
  • Responsible for routinely structuring Customer Voice, as well as leading the implementation of the new post sales model;
  • Organize other sources of Customer Voice in addition to research and give visibility to the organization of opportunities through the Client Committee or something similar;
  • Responsible for leading the implementation of the new post sales model with processes aligned with the customer and the organization;
  • Responsible for leading and accompanying the construction of the CX dashboard - KPIs cross-day business that will help us proactively anticipate us there is a possible impact on NPS / Satisfaction;
  • Acting in partnership with the Market Access area in the Relationship with customers proposal;
  • Structure the correlation of the Relationship KPIs (NPS and Satisfaction) with the business indicators (eg sales);
  • Acting to develop the repurchase and / or churn indicator.


  • Education complete in areas such as: Administration, Statistics and or Engineering.
  • Post graduate degree, MBA in Business, Research, Excellence in Services and related areas.
  • Experience with research and capture of customer insights (realization, analysis and sharing).
  • Experience in building and organizing other customer listening sources.
  • Experience in design of journey and experience of the client, improvement committee, monitoring of post sales.
  • Knowledge of mapping and or evaluation of processes will be a differential.
  • Skill in data handling and quantification of customer experience will be a differential.
  • Experience in to lead projects will be a differential.
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English. Spanish will be a differential.

Informações Adicionais

Yara Brasil is an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions are based on job requirements and individual qualifications without regards to disability.