Yara Dry Ice Ireland can supply you from small to large quantities of dry ice pellets, blocks & slices. Small quantities are normally supplied in polystyrene boxes while larger quantities can be delivered in specially insulated dry ice bins.

Drikold™ is Yara’s tradename for Dry Ice which is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in its solid state. The product has a temperature of -78.6˚C in comparison to traditional water ice cubes which are only at O˚C. Drikold™ is produced by compressing and cooling recycled gaseous CO2 into liquid and then allowing it to expand to produce CO2 snow. The snow is then compressed into convenient sized Drikold™ blocks, slices & pellets. Yara commenced the supply of liquid carbon dioxide in Ireland in 1998 and acquired an existing dry ice manufacturing business supplying the Irish market in 2008.

Order before 12 noon (Mon - Fri) and we can deliver anywhere in Ireland the next working day.

Sluiskil, The Netherlands

Yara Dry Ice Ireland

Unit 22, Airways Industrial Estate
Dublin 17.
Tel No: +353 1 8547100
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E-mail: dryice.ireland@yara.com

Yara Dry Ice Ireland is dedicated to the manufacture of Dry Ice in several different formats. 

The main raw material of the plant is liquid CO2 stored at a pressure of 17 bar and at low temperature (-25°C) in an insulated tank supplied by road tanker.

Door to door next day Dry Ice delivery is available to customers throughout Ireland.

Dry Ice (or dry ice) is a product Cryogenic temperature: -78.6°C. 

Yara Drikold Dry Ice comes in blocks, slices and pellets.

Yara Dry Ice Ireland Certificates:

• BS EN ISO9001:2008
• BS EN ISO14001:2004
• BS OHSAS18001:2007