The Pardies plant was built in 1960. It is located near the city of Pau in southwest France near the Spanish boarder. Yara’s production site here is part of an industrial complex built near the LACQ gas field.

Yara Pardies

Yara France Pardies

Usine de Pardies
Route des Usines
P.O. Box 21
F-64150 Pardies
Tel: +33 5 59 60 20 44
Fax: +33 5 59 60 94 42

Pardies is a totally integrated site where three companies (Celanese, Air Liquide and Yara) share commodities and services.

The Yara site has two production units: An ammonia & CO section (AGI) and a nitric acid/ concentrated nitric acid / Technical ammonium nitrate plant (NINA)

The Pardies plant was converted in 1992 from a fertilizer to an industrial plant. The plant delivers a wide range of chemicals in a variety of packaging.

Finished products from the Pardies plant include:
• Carbon monoxide
• Anhydrous ammonia
• Aqueous ammonia solution
• Weak nitric acid
• Concentrated nitric acid
• Technical ammonium nitrate
• Nitrogen peroxide
• Calcium nitrate

The quality system is certified according to ISO 9001. French authorities also have certified the inspection system for pressure and storage vessels.