Glomfjord is located in a small community in the northern part of Norway, close to the Arctic Circle. The nearest city is Bodø, 150 km further north.

glomfjord, norway

Yara Norge AS Glomfjord

P.O. Box 190
N-8160 Glomfjord
Tel: +47 75 71 91 00
Fax: +47 75 71 94 00

The site has four production units: Two nitric acid plants, one NPK complex fertilizer plant and one calcium nitrate plant. The plant has its own harbor with installations for unloading of ammonia and storage, packaging and dispatch systems for fertilizer products.

The ammonia storage is a large underground mountain cavern with a capacity of 40,000 metric tons of liquid ammonia, enabling three months of fertilizer production at full capacity. The construction of the storage made it possible to close the local ammonia production based on water electrolysis in 1993. Today, all production is based on imported raw materials transported to Glomfjord by ship. Marine transport is also used for the finished products and Glomfjord therefore is one of the busiest ports in northern Norway.

The product range comprises almost 60 different types of mineral-based NPK complex fertilizer in a granular form. Calcium nitrate (CN) is a straight nitrogen fertilizer. Upgraded by removal of water insoluble components, almost 100 percent of the prilled CN is sold as special fertilizer under the trademark Calcinit. While the Calcinit is sold worldwide, about 50 percent of the Glomfjord NPK products go to European markets. The other half of NPK products makes Glomfjord the main supplier of plant nutrients to the domestic market.

The manufacturing industry in Norway is subject to heavy restrictions on all types of emissions, and Yara’s own environmental objectives go even further. Process improvements are therefore systematically carried out in order to keep all types of emissions to a minimum.

Glomfjord is ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified, and is ready to meet the demands of OHSAS 18001 by the end of 2009.