Ammonium Nitrates Electronics Grade

Electronics grade

Ammonium Nitrate for VLSI or ULSI grade nitrous oxide

Standard grade ammonium nitrate is used in numerous industrial applications. However, one of the applications requiring the purest forms of ammonium nitrate is the manufacture of electronics. Ammonium nitrate electronic grade (high purity) is used by the gas industry in the production of nitrous oxide (also known as Dinitrogen monoxide, N2O or laughing gas) for VLSI (very large-scale integration) or ULSI (ultra-large-scale integration).

The gas is used in the electronics industry during the gas-phase chemical deposition for the production of semiconductors (chips, circuits, transistors). A stable supply of consistently high purity ammonium nitrate positively affects the whole supply chain in electronics, from the industrial gas company that manufactures the gas down to the Electronics manufacturer that needs this essential component in its production process for computers, hi-fi, smart phones, robots, cars, health devices, space rockets, etc…

High purity Ammonium Nitrates suitable for the electronics industry

The technical requirements for gases in the electronics industry are among the most stringent. That is why Yara has specifically developed Ammonium Nitrate Electronics Grade. By choosing it, you have the purest solid form ammonium nitrate, with no anti-caking agent or other additives. It is 99.9% pure. With such a high purity Ammonium Nitrate your gas production costs are reduced as you can decrease the number of purification steps required, as the high purity is maintained in the manufacturing process for electronics.

Rely on the largest supply capabilities in nitrates for your supplies

The efficient operation of an industrial gas plant, semiconductor fabrication plant or LCD plant requires uninterrupted supply. Yara’s position as the world’s largest nitrates manufacturer and its worldwide logistics footprint with 200 terminals and warehouses around the world and in Australia ensures you a reliable supply of the Ammonium Nitrates Electronics Grade you need. In addition, our advanced logistics systems offer full product traceability from our raw material to the end-user plant. Ammonium nitrate medical grade for gas industry customers is produced in our factories in Pardies (France), Rostock (Germany), Sluiskil (Holland), Tertre (Belgium). Our logistics network ensures reliable delivery, anywhere in Australia.

This is why Australia's most reliable gas companies have already chosen our product for their electronics VLSI or ULSI grade nitrous oxide. Yara can also supply directly to your production plant if needed.

Ammonium nitrate can be stored and used safely if the safety instructions are followed

Ammonium nitrate medical grade is not dangerous to handle and cannot ignite or explode spontaneously. If ammonium nitrate is exposed to a source of heat or fire, it will decompose and emit toxic fumes.