Ammonium Nitrates Medical Grade

Australian medical nitrous oxide backed by a century of global nitrogen chemistry expertise

As a leading global manufacturer of nitrates in the world, Yara’s product range includes several grades of ammonium nitrate. Because most ammonium nitrate does not meet the quality required for surgical applications, for pharmaceutical use (propellant) or for dental use (dental surgery), Yara has developed a product specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. 

Ammonium nitrate medical gas is produced in our factories: Pardies (France), Rostock (Germany), Sluiskil (Holland), Tertre (Belgium). Our logistics network ensures reliable delivery to customers across Australia.

Ammonium Nitrate Medical grade

Ammonium nitrate is a key component in the production of nitrous oxide (also known as Dinitrogen moNOxide, N2O or laughing gas) for healthcare use. Nitrous oxide is used in the health sector around the world as:

  • Analgesic in surgery and dentistry
  • Anesthetics in surgery and dentistry
  • Used as a propellant for drugs packaged in aerosols

Ammonium nitrate medical grade for gas industry customers is produced in our factories: Pardies (France), Rostock (Germany), Sluiskil (Holland), Tertre (Belgium). Our global logistics network ensures reliable delivery to customers across Australia.

Your reliable supplier around the world

The gas industry that produces nitrous oxide requires a constant supply of ammonium nitrate. In turn, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers depend on a reliable supply of nitrous oxide (N2O or laughing gas). The Health Professionals and gas industry both have strict expectations in terms of reliability of supply.

Our factory in Rostock (Germany) produces solid ammonium nitrate medical grade for the manufacture of nitrous oxide internationally (Asia, Africa, Americas). Given its high level of purity, solid ammonium nitrate produced in Yara’s Rostock plant, is ideally suited for use in surgical, dental and pharmaceutical industries. Solid ammonium nitrate is an economical solution and easy to transport.

With its comprehensive logistics network across the world and as the largest producer of nitrate, Yara is ideally positioned to supply the Australian market with ammonium nitrate when you need it, wherever you are. This is why major industrial gas companies across Australia have chosen Yara’s ammonium nitrate for the manufacture of their medical nitrous oxide. Yara provides its customers ammonium nitrate in 40 countries around the world.

For your medical gas, choose the purity of Yara’s ammonium nitrate

Whether you are a gas or a hospital, you want to be sure of the origin and purity of the product you use. Yara, the world leader in nitrogen chemicals with over 100 years of expertise in this industry provides you with AN (NH4NO3) you can trust. 99.99% pure, Yara’s ammonium nitrate medical grade meets the expectations in terms of purity of the entire value chain, including:

  • The gas company that transforms ammonium nitrate medical into nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • The hospital that uses gas as an analgesic in surgical operations
  • The pharmaceutical company that uses gas as a propellant for drugs
  • The patient who inhales the gas before an operation and expects therefore an efficient and high-purity product

Ammonium nitrate can be stored and used safely if the safety instructions are followed

Ammonium nitrate medical grade is not dangerous to handle and cannot ignite or explode spontaneously. If ammonium nitrate is exposed to a source of heat or fire, it will decompose and emit toxic fumes.