Latex dipping coagulant

Yara DipCal

In the coagulant dipping process, a Yara specialty chemical based on nitrates is used to ensure the production of the perfect latex glove.

Used by most leading manufacturers of rubber-dipped goods, DipCal is especially adapted to the stringent requirements of very thin articles such as surgical and electronic (clean room) gloves as well as other latex and synthetic rubber glove applications.

Based on a century long expertise in nitrates, Yara has developed DipCal, a very pure nitrates based dipping coagulant solution that sets the stage for that flawless glove, consistently time after time.

Supply reliability from Yara, the world’s largest nitrates producer

If you choose Yara’s DipCal, you will never worry about supply reliability. Yara has an unrivalled network of nitrates production plants around the world, served by a unique logistics system of 200 terminals and warehouses so your DipCal latex dipping coagulant is delivered to your site just-in-time. Every year, over 20 million tons of Yara products are delivered to over 150 countries through a strong worldwide logistics network. So with us, supply will never be an issue for you.

Yara's presence around the world
Yara's presence around the world

Dipping coagulant for the latex industry: our complete set of products

Yara’s portfolio includes several grades of specialized nitrate blends. DipCal is one of them. According to your needs and requirements, DipCal can be delivered either in liquid or solid form