ANFO for civil explosives

ANFO for civil explosives

Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prills

To ensure optimum performance and highest energy of ANFO explosive, Yara recommends using high quality AN-Porous prills (AN-PP).

ANFO is the most widely used and the most economical civil explosive currently on the market. Mines, quarries and civil engineering rely heavily on ANFO explosives for their blasting needs.

By adding Porous AN or ANFO to the emulsion, your blasting performance increases and the sensitivity of the emulsion improves. Yara offer tailor made AN Porous for every ANFO type. These can be delivered anywhere around the world, to your site. Yara currently ships these product to over 60 locations on the 5 continents.

What is AN-PP?

  • Lower density than AN-E, due to porosity.
  • High porosity enables good oil absorption and retention (ANFO requires high quality AN-PP)
  • Free flowing product thanks to the correct anticaking agent
  • Very stable physical parameters of Yara prills

Why choose Yara’s AN-PP to ‘dope’ your emulsions?

  • It mixes well with other components
  • It increases sensitivity and gas volume of detonation
  • Good stability in emulsion mixture

Quality porous prills (AN-PP) for use in ANFO explosives are manufactured in many Yara factories. We offer different densities (low and medium). So you can choose the right type of AN-PP that best fits your application.

Superior quality prills developed specifically for high energy ANFO

Our ammonium nitrates for ANFO explosives are very different from the ammonium nitrate used by farmers because the prills are:

  • Smaller
  • Lower density
  • Porous, so that they absorb and retain the fuel optimally.

When the liquid fuel is mixed with these prills, the oil absorption process is very fast (high spontaneous absorption rate). This is obtained thanks to the well developed micro-porosity of the prills, which gives better homogeneity.

Choose the density of prills adapted to your needs . The AN-PP is an extremely efficient product. It is also safe to use. However, the ammonium nitrate AN-PP should be used in dry conditions.

Though hazardous, AN is safe if used according to the appropriate guidelines

Ammonium nitrate is not a toxic material, but exposure to decomposition product may cause a health hazard. Ammonium nitrate itself is not combustible but it can support combustion, even in absence of air.