Calcium Nitrate for explosives

Calcium Nitrate for explosives
Yara Porsgrunn in Norway, the largest Calcium Nitrate plant in the world

Continuous supply

Yara is the largest producer of Calcium Nitrate since 1905. We have a thorough knowledge of this product. It is marketed for a wide variety of uses.

In addition, we sell our Calcium Nitrate all over the world, thanks to our production platform and our network of 200 terminals and warehouses. Choosing Yara, you can rely on deliveries of Calcium Nitrate continuously. Your site can operate without fear of running out.

Calcium Nitrate for Civil Explosives

Calcium Nitrate is a component used in emulsion explosives. It has many advantages including:

  • Easy to dissolve
  • Has a high mixing ability

Calcium Nitrate technical grade is a very good option for your emulsion process. It is a different grade than the Calcium Nitrate used for fertilizer.

Calcium Nitrate helps you improve the stability of emulsion explosives

Choosing Calcium Nitrate will:

  • Improve the quality parameters of the emulsion explosives
  • Extend the shelf life of the emulsion
  • Improve the stability of emulsion explosives