Optimal Rock Fragmentation

This film shows blasting that took place with explosives based on Yara’s Technical Nitrates .

With our Technical Nitrates, whether it be Ammonium Nitrate or Calcium Nitrate you will achieve a way of blasting that provides optimal rock fragmentation.

  • You know you can rely on products that are easy to handle and offer a high degree of safety with outstanding performance and low cost per energy unit
  • By adding ANFO to emulsion, the blasting performance increases and the sensitivity of the emulsion improves.

With our products you will have an improved rock fragmentation, that avoids secondary blasting in the mine. Our tests show the velocity of detonation is increased by using Yara Technical Nitrates.

  • Our AN-PP for instance comes with a good absorption of the oil, enabling you to gain a better oxygen balance, which means greater energy release and a better blasting result
  • The porosity of the product also ensures homogeneity of explosives – this means better blasting results.