Technical Nitrates handling and storage

Supporting you daily for safe and optimized operations

You want ease of use, peace of mind when you use technical nitrates: we bring you that. It takes more than products to run an effective and safe explosives production operation. Yara is there at every step of the technical nitrates supply chain to support you in your daily management with a problem solving attitude. In your daily business as operations or plant managers you will be using our Ammonium Nitrates and Calcium Nitrates.

Yara experts are there with you when you need technical support. As problem solvers, we bring more than a product but a technical expertise and knowledge. In the delivery and safe handling of the product, we bring our expert competence in:

Shipping with effective tools for container discharge

Shipping with effective tools for container discharge

Handling of shipment documentation paperwork

Handling of shipment documentation paperwork

Designing storage facilities

Designing storage facilities for the optimum storage conditions

Sharing knowledge through the delivery of on-site training

Sharing knowledge through the delivery of on-site training

Safety first: Yara’s commitment

Safe production Reliable transport and shipping Sharing of best practices with our customers and partners
  • ISO certified factories, following EU regulations and International standards
  • Safety data sheet (SDS) for each product
  • Long track record of production and transport with no serious accident
  • High quality performance at all levels in the transport chain
  • Always using the best available technology
  • Reduce risk of mix of products: no incompatible production at loading sites
  • Safety audits
  • Product handling seminars
  • Active participation in SAFEX

Technical Nitrates in civil explosives: Product Stewardship

Yara is committed to the principles of product stewardship, which were established in 2003 by EFMA (the Association of Fertilizer Producers in Europe).

Our product program management covers the entire chain from production in our factories to distribution:

  • From product innovation to the purchase of raw materials, used in the manufacture of finished products
  • Throughout the production and storage process
  • In the distribution network, to the delivery and use of the product

For Technical Nitrates, our program management includes:

  • Product safety 
  • Respect for the environment 
  • Zero accident objective during manufacture of our products 
  • Security measures against theft and diversion of products