Citrus Fertiliser Program - Non Fertigation

Yara is not only a major fertiliser provider to growers throughout the world, but it also has years of experience and knowledge in crop nutrition. Whether you are looking for increasing quality and yield of your citrus crop or a recommended nutrition program, check what Yara has to share with you. Click on the image to see it larger or download Citrus Fertiliser Program - Non Fertigation PDF.

Citrus fertilizer program
Disclaimer: The information contained herein is to the best of Yara's knowledge and belief accurate. Recommendations and results stated, unless otherwise acknowledged, are based upon Yara's experience and on field trial results.

Relevant Yara Products - Application & Guidelines

0881-yaraliva tropicote-main image


YaraLiva TROPICOTE (15.5% N + 18.8% Ca) is a high quality calcium nitrate product for field application.

0880-yaramila complex-main image


YaraMila Complex (12-5-15) is a high quality, prilled NPK fertiliser which also contains magnesium, sulphur and micronutrients for a wide range of horticultural crops.

0804-yaravita bortrac-main image


YaraVita Bortrac is a concentrated liquid boron formulation manufactured to exacting quality control standards to guarantee consistent analysis, crop safety and product performance.

0802-yaravita mangzinc-main image


YaraVita Mangzinc is a balanced combination of manganese and zinc for foliar application to cereal crops.

0803-yaravita molytrac-main image


YaraVita MOLYTRAC contains 250g/l molydbenum in an easy to handle, concentrated, liquid formulation for foliar and soil application.

0895-unika calcium-main image


Unika Calcium is a high quality prilled fertiliser with a unique balance of calcium and potassium nitrate for field application to horticultural crops.

0883-unika kali-main image


Unika Kali is a high quality prilled field grade potassium nitrate fertiliser for application to horticultural crops.