NSW, QLD and VIC Wheat Fertiliser Program

Elaborated by our specialists, Yara's fertilizer program for wheat can help you to achieve excellent crop performance. Click on the image to see it larger.

Wheat Fertiliser Program
Disclaimer: The information contained herein is to the best of Yara's knowledge and belief accurate. Recommendations and results stated, unless otherwise acknowledged, are based upon Yara's experience and on field trial results.

Relevant Yara Products - Application & Guidelines

0811-yaravita zintrac-main image


YaraVita ZINTRAC is a highly concentrated flowable zinc formulation suitable for foliar, soil and seed dressing

08a8-flowphos 13z-main image


A premium, clear liquid starter fertiliser containing 100% water soluble nutrients, including chelated zinc, that are immediately available as the seeds germinate and the plants become established.

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SULSA 11-0-0+12S

A liquid sulphate of ammonium fertiliser and can be used to supply nitrogen and sulphur to a wide range of broad-acre and horticultural crops.

08bw-sulsa 36-0-0+3s-main image

SULSA 36-0-0+3S

A liquid nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser that is suited for use in broad-acre and horticultural crops.

08bn-sulsa 27-0-0+7s-main image

SULSA 27-0-0+7S

A clear liquid fertiliser, which supplies sulphur as immediately available water soluble sulphate and nitrogen as ammonium and urea.

0818-yaravita gramitrel-main image


A flowable liquid fertilizer with a balanced combination of micronutrients including manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc for foliar application to cereals.

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N-FOL 24

A clear liquid nitrogen fertiliser, buffered to maximise foliar uptake. Urea nitrogen is an efficient way to apply in-crop nitrogen to many field crops.