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Mineral fertilizer application to supply all nutrients required by the crop is the only way to ensure a healthy crop. Any nutrient deficiency will reduce the crops ability to grow according its genetic potential. A large number of deficiency symptoms will appear in the crops as a consequence of a lack the availability of crop nutrients. A unhealthy crop because of nutrient deficiencies has impact on the entire food chain.

  • An unhealthy crop will not meet the expectation of the consumer and will be rejected in the market. It will therefore reduce grower’s income and it represents a waste of resource.
  • A crop which is not in a healthy condition will have poorer defense mechanisms and less tolerance against fungi, insects and abiotic stress, affecting the overall crop growth and quality.
  • An unhealthy crop will not provide the same nutritional value and quality compared to healthy crop as required the food chain. As a consequence supplementation of the diet (vitamin pills or minerals) may be the necessary. Only a healthy crop provide healthy food.

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