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Krista MAP is a fully water soluble nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. It is a free flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves quickly in water without any residues.

Krista MAP is suited to application through all fertigation systems – hydroponics, drip systems, low throw sprinklers, centre pivots and spray units.

Product Application Advice


Apple: Fertigation Programme: Apply 50 kg/ha at bud burst and again at start of flowering


Citrus: Apply 75-120 kg/ha in multiply applications from growth stage; flowering to early fruit development. Refer to Yara crop program @ as a guide or contact your local Yara sales agronomist for advice.


Olive: Applications of 25-40 kg/ha at bud break, fruit set and post harvest


Strawberry (Field Grown): Apply 25-50 kg/ha during vegetative growth