We've Made Some Changes

As part of the rebranding process that Yara are undergoing, we are pleased to announce that Yara Liquids products have undergone a naming transformation.

Once we make the change on June 5th 2017, you will see the new Yara Liquids product names re-introduced in the below areas: technical Product Information, order processing, marketing material and digital Channels. We appreciate your continued confidence in us and your support.

Yara Liquids

Yara Liquids Australia

Yara Liquids is the name given to Yara's range of clear liquid fertilisers which are formulated to contain single or combinations of required nutrients such as; nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulphur (S), calcium (Ca) and micronutrients as 100% water soluble nutrients. Yara Liquids fertilisers utilise all nitrogen sources, fully plant available phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and calcium forms. Each Yara Liquids product is designed to meet the specific crop requirements. However, the comprehensive range of Yara Liquid product can be customised to suit specific needs.

Yara Liquids fertilisers offers a convenient solution to evenly distribute nutrients, flexible placement and unbeatable accuracy when applied with modern application system used in agriculture. When applied at the right rate and in the right conditions, Yara Liquids fertilisers supply accurate and balanced nutrients to satisfy crop requirements.

Yara's logistical capabilities and tank hire system makes delivering large amounts of Yara Liquids fertilisers possible. Yara has a fleet of road tankers and transportable hire tanks which are efficiently managed through our customer focused logistic coordinators. These coordinators are regionally located at our production facilities, allowing tank movements to be efficiently managed. This combined with the consistent quality of Yara Liquids fertilisers, contributes strongly to improved crop quality and yield for the grower.

Concentrations of all Yara Liquid fertilisers are expressed as % w/v (kg/100 litres).

Yara Liquids N Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
N25 25.0    
N24 24.0                      
N26 26.0                      
N42 42.0                      
Yara Liquids N-Fol Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
N-FOL 24 24.0                      
N-FOL 24+TE 24.6     0.5       0.04 0.5   0.5  
Yara Liquids Sulsa Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
SULSA 25-4-0+4S 24.6 3.5   3.8                
SULSA 36-0-0+3S 36.0     2.7                
SULSA 11-0-0+12S 10.5     12                
SULSA 27-0-0+7S 26.7     6.8                
SULSA 24-3-0+6S 23.7 2.7   5.6                
Yara Liquids N-Cal Products (available with/without boron)
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
N-CAL 15+18Ca 14.9       18.1              
N-CAL 15+18Ca+B 14.9        18.1   0.02          
N-CAL 28+9Ca 28.5       9.1              
N-CAL 35+6Ca 35.0       6.0              
N-CAL 24+12Ca+B 23.6       11.8   0.02          
Yara Liquids Flowphos Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
FLOWPHOS 13Z 9.0 13.5 1.0               0.9  
FLOWPHOS 10 12.6 10.0 5.1               0.4  
FLOWPHOS 15 10.0 15.0                    
FLOWPHOS K 7.7  14.8 6.8                  
FLOWPHOS KZ 7.5 14.1 6.5               0.5  
FLOWPHOS SZ 9.7  7.0 0.5 5.8             0.5  
Yara Liquids K-Flow Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
K-FLOW 0-14-30   14.0 30.0                  
K-FLOW 0-0-15     15.0                  
K-FLOW 0-7-36   7.0 35.8                  
K-FLOW 13-0-7 13
K-FLOW 4-0-12 4.0   12.0                  
Yara Liquids Sulphate Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
Mg-SUL       8.5   6.3            
MICRO-SUL 7.0     7.0       0.5 7.0   7.0  
Zn-SUL       8.5             16.0  
Yara Liquids KeyPro Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
KEYPRO Copper               6.0        
KEYPRO Trace     4.4     0.6 0.75 0.25 1.7 1.63 2.1 0.03
KEYPRO Manganese     10.9             8.0    
KEYPRO Zinc     9.2               9.0  
Yara Liquids Other Products
  Total    N P K S Ca Mg B Cu Fe Mn Zn Mo
P-FOL Zinc   18.0 2.0               14.0