N-CAL 35+6Ca

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Yara Liquids N-CAL 35+6Ca **previously known as Marshall** is a high analysis liquid nitrogen fertiliser for supplying nitrogen to broad-acre winter crops and horticultural crops. It is a true liquid and contains 35% nitrogen in the forms of nitrate and urea, and 6% calcium. Boron can be added if required.

The combination of calcium with urea reduces the volatilisation risk from soil surface applied nitrogen. 100% water soluble calcium can benefit some crops through increased stress and disease tolerance.

Soil application of Yara Liquids N-CAL 35+6Ca with Yara Stream Bars allows cost effective nitrogen to be delivered at higher rates evenly and accurately, supplying nitrogen requirements of winter crops. Also, as N-CAL 35+6Ca contains very low levels of ammonium, it is a safer option for foliar application of nitrogen to winter crops.

Yara Liquids N-CAL 35+6Ca is less acidifying than other commonly used nitrogen sources such as urea and UAN.

All Yara Liquids are manufactured at our regionally located plants with the highest quality standards.

For detailed fertiliser recommendations for your crops please contact your local Yara sales agronomist.

Product Application Advice


Almond: Fertigate 400 l/ha during growth stage; End of Bloom to Kernel filling and 150 l/ha during early Post harvest in multiply applications.


Grapevines: Apply 350-400 L/ha in multiply applications from growth stage; early shoot growth to fruit set. Refer to Yara crop program @ www.yara.com.au as a guide or contact your local Yara sales agronomist for advice.


Maize: Sidedress or fertigate 100-200L/ha between 5-10 leaf growth stage.


Sorghum: Apply 150-250L/ha either pre-planting or side-dressed in-crop.


Sugarcane: Apply 85-115 L/ha with spray bars at out of hand stage.