N-CAL 28+9Ca

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Yara Liquids N-CAL 28+9Ca **previously known as CUAN** is a high loaded nitrogen and calcium fertiliser for supplying nitrogen to broad-acre winter crops and nitrogen and calcium to horticultural crops. N-CAL 28+9Ca is a true liquid and contains 28.5% nitrogen in the forms of nitrate, ammonium and urea. Boron can be added if required.

The combination of nitrate nitrogen and 100% water soluble calcium reduces the volatilisation risk of the urea nitrogen when Yara Liquids N-CAL 28+9Ca is applied to the soil surface. 100% water soluble calcium can benefit some crops through increased stress and disease tolerance.

Yara Liquids N CAL 28+9Ca is less acidifying than other commonly used nitrogen sources such as UAN.

All Yara Liquids are manufactured at our regionally located plants with the highest quality standards.

For detailed fertiliser recommendations for your crops please contact your local Yara sales agronomist.