N-FOL 24

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Yara Liquids N-FOL 24 **Previously known as Ranger** is a formulated foliar liquid nitrogen product containing urea nitrogen, which can be safely applied to broad-acre winter crops and cotton. Foliar nitrogen is quickly utilised by actively growing plants and is not reliant on rainfall for plant uptake.

All Yara Liquids are manufactured at our regionally located plants with the highest quality standards.

For detailed fertiliser recommendations for your crops please contact your local Yara sales agronomist.

Product Application Advice


Canola: Apply 80-100 L/ha during rosette growth stage with standard nozzles.


Cereals: Apply 40-85L/ha between stem elongation to early grain fill (GS Z31-Z75). Repeat as required.


Cotton: Foliar apply 30-40 l/ha to supply rapidly utilised nitrogen during peak nitrogen demand or periods of nitrogen shortages. Add 100ml/100l of NIPRO WETTER 1000. Can be applied neat or diluted with water. Water rate 30-80 l/ha.