SULSA 27-0-0+7S

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Yara Liquds SULSA 27-0-0+7S **Previously known as Sulsa** is a liquid nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser that is suited for use in broad-acre and horticultural crops. SULSA 27-0-0+7S supplies nitrogen as ammonium and urea with sulphate sulphur. The ratio of nitrogen to sulphur suits crops with higher sulphur requirements such as canola.

All Yara Liquids are manufactured at our regionally located plants with the highest quality standards.

For detailed fertiliser recommendations for your crops please contact your local Yara sales agronomist.

Product Application Advice


Canola: Either apply 50-75 l/ha with standard nozzles or 100-300 l/ha with streaming nozzles during rosette growth stage.


Cereals: Either apply 50-75 l/ha with standard nozzles or 100-200 l/ha with streaming nozzles from mid tillering (GS Z23) to late stem elongation (GS Z33).


Maize: Sidedress or fertigate 150-250 l/ha between 5-10 leaf growth stage.


Sorghum: Apply 200-300 l/ha either pre-planting or side-dressed in-crop.


Sugarcane: Apply 110-150 l/ha with spray bars at out of hand stage.