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YaraLiva NITRABOR is a field grade calcium nitrate fertiliser, with added boron suitable for field application to all crops especially brassicas which are more prone to calcium and boron deficiency.

YaraLiva NITRABOR is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately when placed by hand or by machine (up to 24 metres).

It is a free flowing material with a unique coating for dry applied uses. Its hygroscopic nature means that it readily dissolves when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or a night dew.

This formulation offers low risk of scorch and is often used as a final topdressing to a wide range of high value crops that have a requirement for extra boron and where soils are low in boron.

Product Application Advice


Broccoli: Standard Programme: Apply 125-200 kg/ha at 4-9 leaf stage and again 125-200 kg/ha during head development


Cabbage: Standard Programme: Apply 200-250 kg/ha at 4-9 leaf stage


Cauliflower: Standard Programme: Apply 200-250 kg/ha at 4-9 leaf stage

Grassland & Pasture

Grass: Spread 75-100 Kg/ha depending on requirement for nitrate nitrogen and 100% water soluble calcium during active pasture growth.


Lettuce (Field Grown): Standard Programme: Apply 125-200 kg/ha at 2 weeks after transplant and again at 4 weeks after transplant


Potatoes: Spread 150-200 Kg/ha before Hilling up. Contact your local Yara sales agronomist for advice.


Sugarcane: Spread 190-260 Kg/ha at out of hand stage.