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YaraMila Universal (15-7-12(5)) is a granulated compound NPK fertilizer with great flexibility for use on a wide range of crops. Each YaraMila Universal granule contains a uniform amounts of NPKS.

The product is a compound and therefore offers even distribution of nutrients onto the field. There is no risk of nutrient segregation during shipping, handling or spreading.

YaraMila Universal has a balanced nitrogen source, containing both nitrate-N and ammonium-N. A high nitrate concentration is a prerequisite to feed fast growing crops and ensure good root development. Nitrate supports the uptake on positively charged nutrients (Ca++, Mg++, K+), therefore, giving better yields and quality.

All phosphorus in YaraMila Universal is fully plant available, as water soluble orthophosphates and ammonium citrate soluble phosphate. The combination of different forms give greater and a longer lasting availability of phosphorus to crops over a wide range of soil types.

The potassium in YaraMila Universal stimulates growth of strong stems and provides some disease and pest tolerance by increasing the thickness of the outer cell walls. Potassium also improves the frost and drought tolerance of plants. Potassium is essential for high yielding and high quality crops. Balancing potassium with other available cations in the soil is very important. High levels of potassium in the soil can suppress the availability of other nutrients, especially calcium and magnesium.

The potassium source in YaraMila Universal is based on SOP which is particularly important for crops with a low tolerance to chloride.

YaraMila Universal contains sulphur. Sulphur is an important component of enzymes and other proteins and is required for the nitrate metabolism.

Product Application Advice


Cotton: Sidedress 250-350Kg/ha in a band at early squaring.


Potatoes: Apply 400-600 Kg/ha pre-plant or placed at least 8cm away from seed tubers at planting. Refer to Yara crop program @ www.yara.com.au as a guide or contact your local Yara sales agronomist for advice.


Sugarcane: Maximum application rate is governed by Reef Protection plan. Guideline for most regions is 10 Kg/ha P per year. Therefore, apply 150 Kg/ha at planting with the billets.