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Rexolin CXK is a high quality, stable, water-soluble and non-dusting mixture of metal chelates; Iron, manganese, copper, zinc are present in a chelated form. Suitable for foliar feeding for fruit, vegetable and flower, and arable crops, especially in zinc deficient areas. Also suitable for soil applications and in mixes with NPK fertilizers, and use in fertigation.

Product Application Advice

Soil application

Soil Application: Arable Crops and Open Field Horticultural Crops Soil application, arable crops: 5 to 15 kg/ha. Apply pre-drilling or pre-planting to bare soil in a convenient volume of water, cultivate after spraying. Soil application, horticultural crops: 5 to 15 kg/ha. Apply through the watering system. Use enough water to wet the top 10 cm of the soil. Use clean water immediately afterwards to wash the foliage. Or use the last 5 minutes the foliar application rate.