Elders Bairnsdale takes industry Mover and shaker Award

The ability of Elders' Bairnsdale Branch to assist their customers with a range of innovative solutions has been recognized by winning the 2016 Yara selected Mover and Shaker award.

Elders Bairnsdale takes industry Mover and shaker Award

Elders Bairnsdale is located in the Gippsland region of Victoria and service a wide range of customers including vegetable growers, livestock producers and turf farmers.

They received the inaugural Mover and Shaker award because of their ability to proactively look at the needs of their customers and identify innovative solutions. Those solutions have been designed to increase yield and quality of crops.

Yara Australia South East Victoria Sales Agronomist, Keith Fallow, said Elders Bairnsdale was a worthy winner of the award and a great example of what could be achieved when companies worked well together.

"It is a partnership built on a mutual desire to provide growers in the region with high quality crop nutrition and expert technical advise and support," said Mr. Fallow. "Farmers are receiving the right technical advise and products in order to maximize their crop production, quality and overall profitability."

In more recent times there has been a significant effort between Yara and Elders to identify key existing and potential customers in the region and conduct joint visits to ensure they are receiving the service they need. "We were able to highlight the technical, quality and commercial strengths of both companies and grow the relationship between Elders and their clients," Mr. Fallow said.

Key personnel at the Elders Bairnsdale store include Store and Regional Manager Colin Lane, Senior Agronomist Noel Jansz and Key Account Manager Sam Bordonaro. Mr. Lane said he was extremely pleased and proud to receive the award on behalf of his team.

"We have a wide range of crop types and customers in this region and it is important we provide the best service, products and information we can," said Colin Lane. "In order to best cater this range of clients, we work hard to leverage the skills and expertise of our team here, whilst also taking advantage of the knowledge and collaborative efforts of suppliers like Yara."

"It is important to provide our customers with the latest in products and innovative techniques and solutions as they become available so this is a major focus for us," said Colin Lane. "Farmers in our area are definitely benefiting from the advise and products with better crops and profit which is really rewarding to see." He said the relationship with Yara Australia had been extremely important in achieving their goals and they intend on ensuring the relationship from strength to strength.

Focus on working relationships

Focus on working relationships

Yara Australia has also focused on improving and strengthening the relationship with customers in a wide range of aspects, including working relationships with branches like Bairnsdale. Henriette Magnussen, Managing Director for Yara Australia said a focus on crop knowledge and development, portfolio combinations and application techniques were all directed at improving yield and quality for the farmer.

"Yara highly value the relationship we have with Elders Bairnsdale and the wider Elders group and are working hard to improve and strengthen our association in the future, "said Henriette Magnussen. "Elders Bairnsdale is an excellent example of how branches can work closely with suppliers for solutions to better assist their customers to achieve better return in terms of yield, quality and profitability."