What is behind a name?

YaraMila is the global brand name for Yara’s premium NPK range of products. Mila" is derived from the Old Norse word "mikla", meaning success. Our company name Yara, was created in 2004 when Hydro was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and the fertiliser division of the company was renamed from Hydro Agri to Yara International ASA I thought it was relevant to explain the YaraMila name as it is one of the global brand names for Yara, which was created in 2004. However we still get customers and resellers asking for Hydro Complex, which is YaraMila Complex.
YaraMila is our global brand name for premium NPK range of products but there is more than just products with different analysis of N, P, K, S and other secondary and micronutrients. The quality of YaraMila products is made up of many factors;
• It starts with the strict specifications criteria that raw material must satisfy
• Processes and technologies used by Yara factories to consistently deliver and monitor the production of quality fertilisers
• Product research and development to improve continually improve quality
• Agronomic research which develops and tests crop nutritional programs to support grower profitability.

What is behind a name?
Yara’s agronomic research worldwide is coordinated by an international team of scientists which are located at “The Hanninghof Research Centre” in Germany. The team continually scouts research, investigates and develops plant nutrition concepts, tools & services to support grower profitability.
Recent research work has been investigating the value of the different forms of phosphorus contained in YaraMila fertilisers. Research conducted by Yara has identified that ammonium citrate soluble phosphorus or P-Extend, easier to remember, is fully plant available. It releases at a consistent rate and improves phosphorus availability up to 70-80 days after application. It is a benefit in both alkaline and acidic soils and is not fixed by aluminium and iron. Other Granular NPK fertiliser do not have the same availability as this is a positive benefit of the high quality raw materials used to manufacture YaraMila products.
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